Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are your weekly rates?
A: Please refer to our Weekly Rates page.

Q: What ages do you accept?
A: For Before & After School care we accept ages 4-14.
For Summer Camp we accept ages 4-12.

Q: What is your Counselor/Child ratio?
A: 10/1

Q: Can my child bring electronics?
A: We do not allow any electronics at Kids Going Bananas. This includes but is not limited to: Cell Phones, Nintendo DSI, PSP, iPod, mp3 players, or any of the like.

Q: Can my child bring a cell phone?
A: No. Cell phones are not permitted. In case of emergency, all staff members are equipped with a cell phone to contact you.

Q: What schools do you serve?
A: Please refer to our Before and After-School page.

Q: What if my child’s school is not on your list?
A: If your child’s school is not listed, please send us an email through our Contact Page.

Q: Can I pay my KGB Tuition bi-weekly?
A: Yes. However it must be first approved by the Director or Assistant Director and be paid ahead of time.

Q: What type of payments do you accept?
A: We accept cash, checks, or money orders. We only accept Debit Cards through our online payment option.

Q: Can I make my KGB Tuition payment online?
A: Yes. Just click on the “Pay Online” link at the bottom left corner of the page.

Q: Is there space available for my child?
A: Yes. We almost always have space available.

Q: Is transportation provided?
A: Transportation to and from school will be provided either by the school or Kids Going Bananas. There is no transportation provided to or from the child’s home.

Q: When/How will I receive my KGB Tax Statement?
A: We send out the tax statements at the beginning of the year through the U.S. Post office or via e-mail.

Q: Do you offer Part-Time rates?
A: Yes, but only at the approval of the Director.